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5 Ways to Get Tree Service Customers

1. Pay For Or Build a Nice Tree Service Website

It’s crucial to create a professional tree service website. Your website will be used by customers to evalute you against your competitors.

Additionally, a website is crucial for attracting new customers. When you work on your tree service SEO, your website should show up on the first page of the Google Results Pages for keywords relating to the services you provide. The majority of people search on Google for tree care services and you want to be one of the companies they find.

The best websites for tree services have a good, eye-catching design. A custom-designed website should also incorporate original photos of your work. Avoid using blurry or stock photos because they suggest that your company is new or less experienced.

Lastly, highlight any associations, awards, and Google or Yelp reviews on your website for credibility.

Here is an example site we developed: https://ballwintreeservice.com.

2. Make it Simple for Clients to Contact You

A website’s ability to attract paying clients is one of its most crucial features. 

You must make it simple for clients to get in touch with you. Make sure its easy to request a quote or find your phone number on each page.

We recommend a click-to-call feature on your website so that clients may contact you without having to copy and paste your contact information. Also make sure your email is accessible, and provide a contact form for clients who want to fill out the specifics of their projects right away.

3. Utilize Google My Business

Google My Business helps promote your company to nearby customers looking for your services. Utilizing a Google My Business profile also enables you to benefit from local SEO and Google Maps searches. The three keys to a great profile are a good description, good pictures, and listing your services.

After hiring your business, clients can leave reviews on Google My Business. These testimonials can serve as social proof if you are providing excellent services. In other words, customers who read the reviews will hire you because previous clients have been satisfied with your offerings.

4. Use Paid Advertising For Leads

Pay-per-click advertising is by far one of the best ways for people to find your business. Potential customers will type in keywords into the search bar like “Best Tree Service Near Me” and you want to have your website pop-up when those customers are looking for a tree service. 

The reason Arbor Management grew 20-40% a year every year was because they invested in Google Adwords Management

5. Treat Your Customers Well & Expect Referrals

Treating your present customers well is one of the finest strategies to generate exclusive leads for tree services. Gaining one new customer is around five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Thank your customers with Christmas cards or offer a referral bonus to any customer they refer.

By ensuring that each customer receives the quality service you have promised, you will ultimately draw in new customers. Additionally, your happy customers will keep returning for more.

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